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Econz Mobile Timecard GPS application and Econz Eservice Field Service Dispatch and Work Order Management Software to help manage Field Service workers by using cell phones, smart phones, and tablets in Australia


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Timecard Wireless Link
When a new timecard entry is made on the handheld device of the wireless worker, a wireless link is established which synchronises the new entry with the timecard information held on the timecard web interface; so that the present and past status of all mobile workers is available for whoever needs it, at any time.

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Web Interface

The web interface can be accessed from any web-enabled machine and allows authorised staff to view the exact time at which mobile workers have clocked in, clocked out, changed task or taken a break. In addition, office staff can:

Know the exact current and past status of all mobile workers
Send messages to individual or groups of mobile workers
Edit and make changes to remotely inputted data
Produce reports based on timecard data
Reduce data entry and the errors that result from lost or incorrect paperwork
Export timecard data for use in other programs like QuickBooks
Econz Wireless Mobile Timecard Attendance for Your Industry
At Econz Wireless, We have a range of specialized products to suit all your mobile workforce management requirements.
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Field staff view

The timecard interface has been specially designed to be intuitive and easy to use. It will enable your mobile workers to:

Clock in and out at the beginning and end of the day
Log breaks

Choose their current job from a list of tasks, job numbers or customer names you send to the handset.

View history of timecard events

If your employees manage a team of mobile workers, timecard allows them to update Clock In/Out and Break information on behalf of their team members.

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